Home Staging In Bradenton Transforms House And Gets Offers

When my husband was transferred, we only had a few weeks to pack up and move. That left the realtor with an empty house to show. When we didn't see much action within a few weeks of listing the house, my realtor recommended that we hire a home staging in Bradenton company to make the house a bit more appealing. I readily agreed as I wanted the house to find a new owner as soon as possible. When I saw the pictures of my old home online after the home staging in Bradenton people were finished, I was amazed. The living room was warm and welcoming with furniture that looked extremely comfortable. There were pictures on the walls and just the right amount of knick knacks. The dining area looked like a loving family could be coming in for dinner at any time. The kitchen had homey touches with little canisters on the counters. Even the bedrooms were perfectly finished. The master bedroom looked soft and romantic. Each of the secondary bedrooms looked like it had been designed for a child with a unique personality. A young son interested in sports and a teenage daughter interested in rock and roll music. I wasn't surprised when we received an offer that week and were able to close the sale within a month.