Reinventing The Living Room Through Unique Candelabra

When my husband and I first moved into our new apartment, we were very happy with the decor: 1920s-built, hard wood everything, a fireplace, original chain-operated lights attached to the walls. The only ornament in our home that seemed to hold the place back from true warm elegance was the decidedly unoriginal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Faux gold with the lightbulbs hooded in frosted, fluted glass bowls, it gave the living room a stuffy feel. Unfortunately, it turns out that a chain hanging from the ceiling and attached to very necessary wires that affect not only our unit but the entire building is not easy to detach. So we decided to do what we could. We reinvented the living room lighting through other light placements, more cool arrangements, and cultivated a slightly more modern feel. Unique candelabra played a big role in this progress (and quite frankly, they're fun to shop for). Geometric designs, heavy metal arms, blown glass, shapes lifted from nature, the unique candelabra available to our living room and budget were surprisingly high in number. We ended up going with a few candles on the mantelpiece, a tall, white paper-covered, cylindrical lamp near the door, and a candleholder on a side table to distract from the gold number up top. For just a fraction of the cost to replace the chandelier and rewire, our living room now reflects our style, and still retains the awesomeness of the original vision.