Thorough Mold Remediation In FL

Several years back we suffered extensive damage from a hurricane which left the area flooded and covered by storm debris. Weeks after the flood waters subsided we were faced with the unpleasant, unhealthy task of mold remediation in Florida. Due to the warm temperatures we noticed that mold remediation in Florida was not only necessary, but urgent. Our first step was to use a strong detergent to clean the mud left behind from the areas that had been flooded. We then proceeded to sanitize all the affected areas by liberally spraying a bleach solution to all surfaces. Since the water damage extended to all the rooms on the first level of the house, we found it necessary to apply the bleach solution several times to ensure that all areas had been thoroughly sanitized. We followed this process with the use of a special formula which claimed to inhibit the regrowth of the mold. Once we felt satisfied that the mold situation was under control, we completed the remediation with two applications of a water proofing paint to ensure that the mold would not return. All in all, it was an expensive repair but we were left with a home that was protected from the harmful effects of mold.