I Hired A Locksmith In Port Charlotte

I live in an apartment complex and my apartment had recently been broken into. I contacted my landlord, but they were taking their time getting a locksmith out to change the locks. I decided to find a locksmith in Port Charlotte myself that could change the locks for me. When I called the locksmith in Port Charlotte, they were a little apprehensive about changing the locks without the apartment manager's permission. I had contacted the apartment manager to let her know they were being changed and he called the locksmith with his permission. The locksmith was out that same day with a new lock and door handle. The locksmith had a different variety of locks on his truck that I could choose from. I picked one that was a little nicer than the one I had previously. It was a lot more durable than the other one also. My other lock was just a handle with a lock. The locksmith added a deadbolt lock for me as well. I felt much safer having a double lock on my apartment door. I was so glad the locksmith was able to come out so quickly and had all of the equipment and parts with him.