Shopping For Childrens Wall Decals

A few months ago,I decided to really work on redecorating my daughter's room. I wanted to make it seem really fun and whimsical, but I had a severely limited budget. I wanted to come up with something really great, so I started looking in a lot of catalogs for ideas. One cool thing that a lot of designers seemed to be doing was using childrens wall decals in order to add a special touch to the room. Designers used big vinyl polka dots for one wall, and even a really cool monochromatic nature scene on one wall. I even found a website where you could customize your own childrens wall decals to be unique to whatever you wanted for your kid. I wanted to have a ton of little birds on branches, but I wanted to customize the colors and stuff to look great in my daughter's room. I wanted each bird to have a little colored bow in it's "hair". I was able to do those things on the website, and a few weeks later my customized wall decals came right to my house in the mail. When I put them up, they looked really great, and I was so happy that I made the choice to do them.