I Looked For Security Companies In Phoenix AZ

I have a newborn son at home and my husband travels often for work. We've had some neighborhood break-ins recently and I was starting to worry about our safety. We started looking for home security companies in Phoenix AZ, to install a security system that would meet our needs. I wanted only home security companies in Phoenix AZ that would send help immediately, were a local company and could come out immediately if we ever had any problems with our system. I wanted cameras to be placed outside of our home and keypad entries for all of our entrances. We found a security company that could meet all of our needs and was in our budget. We called the company to make an appointment to start installing the security equipment. They installed the cameras and then we could watch the footage and rewind or fast forward the footage on a monitor inside of our home. They installed the keypads and they also advised us to change our locks. We had cheap locks and that they said could be broken into without a problem. They changed our locks for us as well. Everything was in place and it was just in time too, someone had tried to break into our house one evening while we were away. The security alarms had scared the intruders away and police were contacted immediately. Our security camera footage helped the local police track them down and they were arrested. I'm so glad we had the security system installed when we did.