I Bought Linen Business Cards Embossed

I just started my own photography business. I'm starting to get more and more customers. When I give them their picture CD's, I like to also give them a business card with my information on them. My business cards that I've been using, are one's I made on my home computer. I don't think they're up to par, so I started looking for some linen business cards embossed with my company information on them. I found a design that I really liked online. They are linen business cards embossed with my company information. I went with a chevron print design and my information is in a font that I use quite often. I also have a picture of a camera on the backside of the card. The card is really my style and definitely a lot more professional than the one's I was using. I've received many compliments on my business cards and I ordered a lot of them to hand out to people as well as give them to my customers with their photos. The price was just right for my budget and I can deduct them as a business expense later when I do my taxes. I'm so happy with how they turned out. There are several other designs I love as well. I'll use this design for awhile and then change it up in a couple of months.