Advantages Of Hydraseeding

Hydraseeding, often referred to as hyrdoseeding, is a process of planting that combines a mixture of mulch and a slurry of seed. After the mulch is laid out, the slurry, a combination of fertilizer, seed, tackifying agents and other products, is sprayed onto the ground. There are many benefits of using hydraseeding, which is an alternative to sowing or broadcasting dry seed. The first benefit to hyrdraseeding is the cost. While it may cost more than traditional seed planting, hydraseeding is an affordable alternative to sod, which is pre-cut grass that is laid out on property. The other benefit of hydraseeding is the efficiency. It is often used for large areas since it can be completed in a relatively short period of time. It is also beneficial for sloped planting grounds, such as hills or sloped lawns. Unlike traditional planting, hydraseeding can help with soil erosion on the property. While sod is a way to have grass on the property immediately, hydraseeding will show grass growth in approximately one week, while the rest should fill in within three to four weeks. This is a much faster growth rate than planting with traditional seed, although it is not as quick as using the sod alternative.