Respectable Apartments For Rent Layton

I am looking for respectable apartments for rent Layton area. I am looking for a nice apartment in a good part of the neighborhood. My kids are enrolled in the Layton schools and I would like to keep them in the same schools with their friends. I am looking for apartments for rent Layton area because the home we are currently renting, the landlord sold the home and we now have to be out of the house really soon. I have looked around at the apartments for rent in Layton but I am unsure of the neighborhoods they are in. I really want to find an apartment because having a contract for a certain amount of time provides stability for our family. I do not want to have to keep moving my kids around. I went apartment hunting the other day and found a couple of nice apartments. I was turned off because I used to living in a house with a backyard. I stumbled across this great apartment but there is a waiting list. I am hoping that something happens and we end up getting it. If not I put a deposit down on another nice apartment in the area of Layton.