I Called A Kansas City Chimney Sweep

We have an old fireplace in our house. About a month ago, we lit a fire in the fireplace and we had a lot of black smoke coming back into the house. We immediately put the fire out and kept an eye on the fireplace. We tried again the following night and the same thing happened. We hadn't ever had our chimney swept out before, but we thought it was probably time. We called a Kansas City chimney sweep to come out and sweep out the chimney. The Kansas City chimney sweep came out and inspected the chimney. They said that it was pretty bad and that we were lucky we didn't cause a fire with how much soot was in the chimney. He also found a bird's next in the top of the chimney, which he thought probably caused the black smoke that came in the house. He was at our house cleaning the chimney for a few hours and he told us to put some chicken wire at the top of the chimney, to prevent birds from coming in. The chicken wire would still allow the smoke to escape though. He was very thorough and he did a great job. He gave our chimney a clean bill of health when he left and we were able to start using it immediately.