Imported Designer Fabrics

Just recently I moved into my own apartment on the lower Eastside of New York. It is a small apartment with rather large windows and I realized that I would need custom curtains due to the odd size of the windows. I decided that I would attempt to make my own curtains from designer fabrics. I located a fabric shop in the area and found the most unusual designer fabrics I had ever seen. With so many fabrics to choose from I found that making a decision was rather difficult so I chose to purchase several different fabrics in order to cover all the windows in the apartment. The sewing process was fairly simple and before I realized it, the curtains were complete. I was thrilled with the finished product and decided that I would no longer purchase my curtains or drapes, but make them instead from the many beautiful fabrics available. Not only can you find any fabric to complement your decor, but the satisfaction of making them yourself is worth the effort. The finished product was equal to the quality of a professional designer at less than half the cost and the compliments I have received are priceless.