Finding The Best Affordable Home Decor

My husband and I recently purchased a new home that was much larger than our previous home. I have always loved decorating, so I was excited about all the new rooms I would be able to buy for and decorate. I started searching stores in our new town for the best affordable home decor. Another way I found to make the best affordable home decor is to make it myself. I was able to find several blogs and tutorials online that gave instructions on how to make certain projects. The first project that I attempted was a metallic star mirror. I was able to use free paint sticks from a hardware store and glue them to a round craft mirror. I spray painted the whole thing silver, and it really looked like something you could buy at a high end store! Although crafting my own items was much cheaper, I didn't have enough time to do them all. So, I went to a local discount store and was able to get about 10 different picture frames to make a gallery wall. I also bought 2 new end tables, and a few glass vases to arrange on my fireplace mantel. My new home is going to look great!