Custom Fireplace Screens Give You A Perfect Fit

Custom fireplace screens give you a perfectly fitting fireplace screen that is also decorated the way you want. Fireplace screens prevent ashes and sparks from flying out of the fireplace cavity onto your floor or carpet, and they prevent things like pets from accidentally wandering too close to the heat. While no one and nothing would go near something uncomfortably hot, if a pet got too close and a spark landed on its fur, that would be bad. Screens keep everything a good distance away from the flames. Custom fireplace screens can have the decorations and designs that you want. Whether you choose a particular existing design and have it added to a screen or give a design of your own to the people creating the screen, having a customized fireplace screen is like being able to add artwork to your home. The screens are made from durable materials that will not corrode or rust easily, and the screens are large enough and sturdy enough that they will not topple easily. Children and pets should of course be kept away from the screen and from the fireplace to prevent accidents, but the screens are instrumental in reducing the possibility of injury from sparks and ash.