Fabric Stores Philadelphia PA Tips

Fabric stores Philadelphia PA shops offer a wide selection of fabrics. Sometimes choosing fabric at fabric stores Philadelphia PA shops can be overwhelming to novices, so it pays to know facts about some basic fabrics. Common Types of Fabrics Cotton fabric, the most versatile and affordable type, comes in various weights and is used for making everything from shirts and trousers to bags. Linen fabric, mostly used for making light, summer clothing, comes in different weights and is easy to sew, but can be expensive. Woolen fabrics, which are also pricey, are usually made into coats, suits, and trousers. They can be either woven or knitted. Silk fabrics, used for blouses, dresses, and luxury underwear, are hard to sew. Tips for Buying Fabric When buying a significant amount of fabric for one or more projects, ask your vendor for the price per yard, and then ask if you can buy in bulk. Consider a fabric's weight and how you intend to use it. Inspect for flaws in fabric, especially if you're buying more than just a yard or two of fabric. Ask a fabric shop vendor to unroll an entire bolt before she does any cutting. If there's a special price "by the bolt," measure the bolt so you can be sure the bolt actually contains enough fabric to take care of all your projects. Take a measuring tape with you, so you can double-check the width of a fabric, because sometimes fabrics are lacking bolt tags.