Taking Chicago Mosquito Control Into Your Own Hands

Mosquitoes are exasperating creatures and few would advocate for their existence when they cause so much trouble. Not only are they annoying to see and hear, but they leave a mark when they burrow into your skin and take your blood. To add further injury, they also cause debilitating diseases such as West Nile Virus. It's not enough to swat and clap at these buggers. Sometimes you have to take Chicago mosquito control into your own capable hands. The best method is prevention. By setting up a few tricks around your house and yard, you can repel them and reduce the number or mosquitoes that find their way into your home. For your house, make sure you've sealed up cracks in your walls and windows so these insects can't enter. Also keep your garbage cans clean by emptying out the trash frequently. If mosquitoes do enter your home, you can buy traps that go on your tables and counters. If you have a green thumb, try setting up a garden that has plants that keep mosquitoes away. To name a few, plant garlic, rosemary, marigold, citronella, catnip, lemongrass, lavender, and basil. Some of these ingredients are frequently found in bug repellents, so you know you're using something effective the natural way. Follow these few methods and you'll have mastered mosquito control in Chicago.