Lawn Maintenance Orlando And Our Lawn

In order to care for our lawn while we were gone, we decided to hire a lawn maintenance Orlando company because it was easier than trying to come back every week to mow the lawn. There are some excellent lawn maintenance Orlando companies to choose from, and they provide lawn mowing services, edging, weeding, and some even provide pruning, leaf blowing, and leaf cleanup services during the fall. When we hired the lawn care company, we expected our lawn to be mowed every week on the same day of each week. The lawn care company never failed to show up, and they mowed the lawn on the same setting each time. They kept the lawn short, but not so short that it would ruin the root system. If you mow your grass too short, then your grass can die or will not grow as well. The lawn care company also fertilized our grass, so it was very green when we returned home. The lawn looked better than it ever had when we took care of the yard. That is why we have decided to keep the lawn care company services this next summer when the grass starts to grow again.