Important Family Room Decorating

I live in a older home that was built in the sixties. It is a little rambler that has three bedrooms and a garage that was remodeled into a family room. For years I have had the family room filled with toys for the grandkids and a fold out bed for when they spend the night. I do not go out there often except for when it needs a pick up job and a good wipe down. The family room has provided a lot of fun for the kids and has seen some good times. The grandkids are teenagers now and no longer need the extra space for toys. It was time to do some family room decorating for myself! I have always wanted to make a work out room! I went online to find out what color is best used to inspire one to work out, it was green! I first took everything out of the room and then put down plastic sheeting. I put a fresh coat of white paint on everything and then painted one wall bright green. I have been slowing getting exercise equipment here and there to fill the room with. The family room decorating was really fun to do and I cannot wait to start using the space.