Rodent Control In Phoenix

Nothing is much worse for homeowners than discovering rodents have invaded their home and property. Rodents not only damage homes, but they also carry disease and contaminate food. Besides mice and rats, rodent control in Phoenix involves getting rid of squirrels, voles, gophers, beavers, and other pests. If you can't control the problem, rodent control Phoenix exterminators offer quality services for managing a rodent infestation. Types of Rodent Traps The two types of rodent traps are lethal and live traps. Lethal traps, which snap critters, are made to trap and kill rodents. On the other hand, live traps are cages that capture live rodents. Rodents are then released or killed. If you fail to seal any house entry points, released rodents may reenter your home. Rodenticides Rodenticides, which are products designed to kill rodents, are usually in the form of tracking powder or bait. Baits contain food in rodenticides that lure rodents. These can be either blocks or pastes, and are usually inside a bait station. Tracking powders are powdery materials combined with rodenticides. A rodent ingests the powder, which clings to his fur and feet, as the animal grooms itself. Warnings You typically don't see mice or rats, unless there's a severe infestation. Examine any rodent droppings found in cupboards, drawers, underneath sinks, or around food packages. Check for signs of chewing or gnawing, such as dried plant leaves or shredded paper. Look for any damage around entry points in your home. Decayed or stale smells in hidden spots can also be a sign of a problem.