Landscaping Tips With Funny Garden Gnomes

Part of the joy of owning your own property is creating a landscape that gives your home curb appeal. From the street, the symmetry and types of plants anchor the house to the surrounding land and give an overall appearance of attractive beauty. From inside the garden, though, you have the freedom of full expression with unique arrangements of plant textures, bold combinations of color, and funny garden gnomes peeking out from behind the trees. Gardeners wishing to add a touch of whimsy to the garden can always find a great location for a garden gnome to reside. 1. Perch a classic fishing gnome on the rock ledge of a garden pond. A nearby miniature conifer tree and spreading ground-cover plants at the pond's edge complete the entertaining scenario with attractive foliage and flowers. 2. Set a smiling garden gnome at the side of the patio, nestled in among the shrubs and perennial flower plants that surround the patio's surface. Watch for the delighted smiles of visiting children and adults when they discover the humorous character watching their outdoor activities. 3. Place a grouping of funny garden gnomes near a back gate or garden shed where they can metaphorically and amusingly guard the landscape's entrances and exits.