All About Cardlock Fueling

The shipping industry provides a hefty investment into the fueling companies in America and around the world. Many transportation and semi-truck companies have started using cardlock fueling stations to have more control over fuel costs. The idea is simple. There is a network of fueling stations that form the cardlock system. Each driver and truck is issued a company specific fueling card which serves as a line of credit. This card allows the driver to use fueling stations which are not open to the public. These are stations specifically designed for the semi-truck drivers. The advantages of a cardlock fueling system is that the company has more control over how much is spent on fuel and at what cost. There is more control and eliminates unauthorized purchase. The cardlock system helps regulate the cost per gallon and guarantees to have diesel fuel at all locations. Drivers don't have to worry about keeping track of receipts, or getting refunded for fueling. The cardlock system gives the company owner direct access to see how much fuel for what price was purchased on a given day and time. The end goal is to provide the companies that use the cardlock fueling system long term savings due to being constant and faithful customers for the fuel industry.